The Gambia


Go Doc Go first worked in The Gambia in January 2018 at The Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital. We trained midwives and residents in VIA screening and donated a WiSAP Thermal Ablation unit to treat precancerous lesions. We returned in November 2019 along with Youxiang Wang and Xin Chen from Atila Biosystems and brought HPV testing to The Gambia! Along with the Ampfire HPV testing unit, we donated 1000 HPV tests. Go Doc Go returned to The Gambia in February 2022 and has since donated another 1000 tests and VIA supplies along with a second thermal ablation unit.


November 2019

Go Doc Go and the team from Atila Biosystems bring HPV testing to The Gambia, and donate an Ampfire HPV testing unit to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

January 2018

Go Doc Go works in The Gambia for the first time, donating VIA supplies and a WiSAp thermal ablation unit.