Go Doc Go began working in Haiti in 2017 . Partnering with the NGO, Hands Up for Haiti, we have been able to connect with hospitals and OB/Gyn’s in Cap-Haitien, the largest city on Haiti’s North shore. Working with Justinien Hospital, we have trained residents and midwives in screening using VIA and donated a LEEP and cryotherapy machine for treatments. 


One of the Ob/Gyn’s affiliated with this hospital, Dr. Nelly Osias runs the Hands up for Haiti cervical cancer clinic in the town of Limbe. Go Doc Go has been fortunate to work with Dr. Osias on several occasions and see women in remote areas who have never had screenings before.


Our December 2018 trip to Cap-Haitien and Limbe was unfortunately cancelled due to political unrest and sadly, Go Doc Go has not been able to return.

UPDATE: Go Doc Go is partnered with Foundation for Advancement of Haitian Midwives, Inc. (FAHM) and donated three thermal ablation units and conducted online trainings in April and August 2023. In April 2024, Go Doc Go sent speculums, forceps, headlamps and other supplies to ObGyn Nelly Osias who continues screening women in Haiti for cervical cancer.


June 2018

Go Doc Go Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Maggie Carpenter & Program Director, Patricia Bacon, travelled to Port -au-Prince, Haiti on June 27th for the second annual conference on preventing cervical cancer arranged by Haiti sans Cervical Cancer.

March 2018

Go Doc Go travelled to Haiti to join Foundation for Advancement of Haitian Midwives, Inc. (FAHM) at their continuing education conference.

February 2018

During our visit to Justinien Hospital Dr. Maggie Carpenter negotiated steps with Dr. Christophe LeCompte,to begin doing these hysterectomies and adjuvant chemotherapy locally.

February 2017

Go Doc Go and Hands Up For Haiti partnered for a two-day training in cervical cancer screening and treatment in Cap Haitien.