American Friends of Le Korsa is a non-profit organization that offers grants to deserving institutions and individuals in Senegal. They improve the lives of those in need by increasing access to medical care, education and the arts. Le Korsa’s grants regularly allow doctors and hospitals to purchase essential medical supplies they lack, or to award patient subsidies. They offer scholarships to students, and help villages to construct schools or to pay teachers. Under the directorship of Dr. Juliette Faye, Le Korsa runs a women’s center in Dakar, Keur Djiguene Yi, which offers gynecological and prenatal care to women with no where else to turn. And through a cultural center, Thread, Le Korsa promotes artistic and educational exchange between rural Senegalese communities and the rest of the world. Le Korsa is our partner in Senegal and vital to our success there.




Ryan E. Cronin’s work is immediately compelling, visually stimulating and thought provoking. He masks deep commitment and seriousness of intent behind a “primitive” facade. He knows exactly what he is doing and he does it very well. Cronin maintains his thirst for life and his work reflects this. When he is not in the studio or in his art gallery, he is out on the lacrosse field as a coach or flailing on stage as the front man of his band, mearth.




Hands Up for Haiti (HUFH) is a medical humanitarian organization committed to making a sustainable and positive impact on the health of the people of northern Haiti. The mission of HUFH goes beyond delivery of care: our goals include capacity building of local leaders and programs, and support of programming for which local doctors, nurses, community health workers, and support personnel take ownership. We don’t just teach and have our visiting teams deliver care: we train our Haitian counterparts to become teachers and program leaders and coordinators. We believe that this capacity building and teaching is essential to the development of a sustainable health care system in Haiti, one with a positive and dramatic impact. We coordinate our efforts with both the Cap Haitien Health Network and the Ministry of Health in Haiti to provide programs in maternal child health, malnutrition treatment and prevention, preserving and restoring vision, preventing cervical cancer and treating chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and hypertension. 



Foundation for Advancement of Haitian Midwives, Inc. (FAHM) is a charitable and educational non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and aiding Haitian midwifery associations, education programs and midwifery students living in Haiti, where there are high rates of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality.




Mama Baby Haiti is a non-profit birth center and health clinic located in Northern Haiti. We provide a safe place for Haitian women to receive compassionate and respectful FREE prenatal, birth, postpartum, and gynecological care at the hands of skilled Haitian midwives.This care will decrease their risk of dying from what should be a normal life event: pregnancy and birth. Haiti has the highest infant and maternal mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. It is our core belief that no woman or child should ever die because of where they live.