Gondar, Ethiopia, April 2019

Go Doc Go returned to Ethiopia in April 2019, making visits to the cities of Adama and Gondar. This was our first time in Adama and Dr. Maggie Carpenter presented to over 35 physicians, residents and nurses on how to screen for cervical cancer using VIA. We screened women and trained the physicians on how to treat pre-cancerous lesions using the Thermocoagulation unit that we donated to the Adama Hospital Medical College. 29 women were screened with 7 having positive results for pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions. 4 women were able to be treated with the Thermocoagulation unit while the other three women needed biopsies. We look forward to continue working with the physicians at the Adama Hospital Medical College and hope for a long partnership.

We next flew to Gondar to visit the University Hospital and donate a Thermocoagulation unit. It was great to see the construction happening and the equipment that Go Doc Go has donated previously – cryotherapy, LEEP, colposcope – all being used regularly and in great condition.